Agriculture Atlas 2019

Facts and Figures on EU Farming Policy

Europe needs a new political majority for a fundamental reform of the EU’s damaging and inequitable farming subsidies to stand a chance of saving nature, preventing the worst effects of climate change and reviving small farms and our rural regions. A radical change in the Common Agriculture Policy is crucial to fulfil EU Paris climate commitments, prevent the dangerous consequences of environmental degradation and revive rural life in Europe!

The atlas shows how closely Europe's agriculture is intertwined with our lives and our living spaces. It also reveals how little of the funding of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is fir for purpose. 

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Agriculture Atlas 2019 - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union

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In Poland the income disparities between farmers increased significantly.
One by one, Germany's farms are dying off.

GERMANY/FARM STRUCTURES - Whosoever Hath, to Him Shall Be Given

ITALY/NATURA 2000 - Farming and Environment: a Delicate Balance

FRANCE/AGROECOLOGY - The Key to Sustainability

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