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Media mentions of the work, publications and events of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union.

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union

15.05.2024, Council of the EU, Think Tank reports on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine

25.04.2024, Council of the EU, Think Tank Review - April 2024

11.04.2024, Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima, Green Deal: Rufe nach europäischem Industrie-Deal mehren sich

4.04.2024, Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima, NGOs legen Aktionsplan für neue EU-Kommission vor (also here)

3.04.2024 POLITICO Europe Morning Energy & Climate, How to get 100% Renewables

2.04.2024, Table.Media’s Climate.Table, DUH and Böll Foundation: EU action plan for 100 percent renewables

2.04.2024, Table.Media Energiewende, DUH und Böll-Stiftung: EU-Aktionsplan für 100 Prozent Erneuerbare

27.03.2024, Social Europe, Women leaders in CSOs—overworked, overwhelmed

26.03.2024, Council of the EU, Think Tank Review - March 2024

26.03.2024, IEEP, Preliminary results of the European Green Deal Barometer 2024

22.03.2024, EurActiv, Germans more interested than ever in EU elections

21.03.2024, POLITICO Europe Playbook, Speaking of Germans | On Germans’ priorities for the election

20.03.2024, Council of the EU, Think Tank reports on the invasion of Ukraine

15.02.2024, POLITICO Pro Energy & Climate, War, money, politics: Discord among wealthy countries hampers landmark climate fund

14.02.2024, Council of the EU, Think Tank reports on the invasion of Ukraine

4.02.2024, Table.Europe, The hidden coal burden in Europe's new climate goal

6.02.2024, Focus, In Europas neuem Klimaziel fehlt ein entscheidendes Detail

Roderick Kefferpütz

11.05.2024, Euronews, Brussels, my love? What's on voters' minds, one month before mammoth elections [also on MSN]

4.05.2024, Euronews, Brüssel, meine Liebe? Rettet Europa - und den Döner

2.05.2024, Atlantic Council, What to look for as Xi Jinping visits France, Serbia, and Hungary

20.04.2024, Euronews, Brüssel, meine Liebe? Nach Lettas Weckruf: Was wird aus dem Binnenmarkt?

18.03.2024, Table.Media Europe Brief, Roderick Kefferpütz – Breaking through European self-centeredness

4.02.2024, Mediapart, À Lyon, les Verts européens ont désigné leurs chefs de file

25.01.2024, The Japan Times, With China in mind, EU aims to toughen rules on foreign trade and investment

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