Agrifood corporations are driving industrialization and fighting fiercely for their market share - mostly at the expense of farmers and workers.

Agrifood Atlas 2017

Industrial agriculture is responsible for both colossal environmental and climate damage as well as global injustice. It is high time for a socially and politically oriented regulation of the agrifood industry. We hope that this atlas will stimulate a broad-based social debate on this vital topic.

Downloads of the Agrifood Atlas 2017

All graphs of the Agrifood Atlas are published under a Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0. and can be continued to be used, processed and published under these conditions. You can find all downloads available in various formats (png, pdf) here.

Press reviews of the agrifood atlas

It is only a few internationally operating finance groups that determine which crops and livestock is grown, and how food is generally produced and traded.
Süddeutsche Zeitung
The growing market power of individual corporations is threatening a peasant, and a both socially and ecologically orientated agriculture.
The problem remains the same; the greater the market power of corporations the higher the risk they will actually use it.
Zeit online