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Developing and implementing EU projects in strategic partnerships with local partners including NGOs, educational institutions and community organisations is essential to our ambition to support political education and promote democratic involvement, human rights, socio-political activism and cross-cultural understanding.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union closely monitors the design of the EU financial instruments and contributes to enhanced visibility of civil society organisations and especially our partner organisations on European level. We, therefore, enable our partners to participate at EU consultation processes and disseminate relevant information.

We are actively involved in developing and implementing a large number of EU-funded projects within Europe and worldwide, both as a project coordinator and a project partner. The foci of our EU projects are ecology, democratisation, human rights, international understanding and gender democracy, especially LGBTI rights.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Cornelia HOFFMANN
Head of EU Programmes & Democracy
Tel. +32-2-743 41 01
Email: cornelia.hoffmann@eu.boell.org

Film presentation and talk Wednesday, 02. December 2020

Online film screening and debate: "Midnight Traveler"

With film director Hassan Fazili, MEP Erik Marquardt and Sigal Yehuda from Close-Up. Get your ticket before 27 November.

Guidelines to EU Funding Programmes 2014 - 2020

Political, social and ecological participation, gender democracy and fostering culture and dialogue are the core principles of the engagement of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in democracy support worldwide which we give a strong stance in the formulation and implementation of European development funds. Not only with the European institutions in Brussels but also with the European delegations worldwide the foundation seeks the dialogue on shaping new policy guidelines. 

In this section you will find some useful information on EU programmes and funding possibilities and examples of EU projects hbs is engaged in including relevant links for further reading.

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