Revitalizing Transatlantic Relations for a Green Economy

The European Union and the United States have the strongest economies on the planet, emitting enormous amounts of greenhouse gasses. Yet, both sides of the Atlantic can also point to regional success stories in the area of low carbon growth. The Climate Network brings together opinion leaders, legislators, and policy experts from both sides of the Atlantic that are committed to achieving policy change in support for a low carbon economy agenda that creates sustainable jobs, strengthens local economies and helps to fight climate change. The network strengthens discussions around policy mechanisms that stimulate innovation, reduce carbon emissions and provide a motor for job creation.

Partners/ Implementing Agencies:


  • Public speaking and study tours
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Climate Media Fellowships and publishing energy reports across the United States and Europe

Expected results:

  • Support of parliamentary initiatives in U.S. states for renewable energies and carbon markets
  • Long term contribution for passing a comprehensive climate and energy legislation in U.S. Congress
  • Long term contribution to the EU's 2020 targets on renewable energies, Carbon emissions and energy savings
  • Increased capacities for revitalised transatlantic collaboration

This project has been established in 2012. It is supported by the European Union with €120.000 from the Policy Research and Debate Grants.

For more information on the activities, please visit the site of our US office.