Advocacy and Protection of LGBT Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thousands of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-, Transexual) people are being discriminated and stigmatized because of their sexual identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Violence is rampant. Many LGBT people are hindered from taking advantage of basic human rights, especially their right to work, freedom of opinion and the right of assembly. Theoretically, the European system of human rights provides legal protection (e.g. with the European Court of Human Rights). In reality, however, those rights are almost never successfully implemented.

This project aims to raise awareness for the rights of LGBT people in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It attempts to discover the roots of widespread homophobia in Bosnia-Herzegovina and find means to combat it effectively.

Partners/ implementing Agencies:


  • Training seminars and roundtables discussions as well as media campaigns are employed to raise awareness on LGBT issues
  • A central part of the project is a number of studies and the first regional conference on LGBT rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Training on human rights of LGBT people for judges, public prosecutors and police
  • Training on LGBT and transgender discrimination in schools and for journalists
  • Online and print media campaign for awareness raising

A central part of the project is a number of studies and the first regional conference on LGBT rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Sectoral studies on the stakeholders' positions concerning LGBT issues
  • Roundtable discussions with relevant stakeholders of the relevant sectors

A detailed description of the project and the activities can be found here.


Institutional changes are evident, primarily in the police and also in other institutions (schools, judiciary, health centres) and in the media; the opinion poll and several types of sectorial research on LGBT themes have been conducted in highly professional manner; The data  is presented in user-friendly formats; Raised awareness and knowledge of all training and roundtable participants about LGBT problems and concerns; CSOs’ networking has been intensified through the Gay-Straight Alliance and other activities; The opening up of LGBT themes in the media and in public forums (roundtables, conferences) created a slightly better environment for public statements of LGBT persons; Several successful advocacy initiatives of interest for the LGBT community are implemented.

This project will be implemented in 2013 and 2014. It is supported by the European Union with €200.000, awarded under the European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights.