Capacity Building ‘How to Counter Right Wing Populism and Extremism in Europe’

From October 12 – 16 2015, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union hosted a capacity building for 16 young Europeans from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Sweden and the UK. The aim was to give the participants the possibility to compare the right-wing movements in their respective countries of origin and to jointly develop policies to combat this disquieting trend.

Blog 'Young Voices of Europe'

On our blog young people from all over Europe share their ideas about the current state of Europe and the rise of right-wing populism and extremism.

Presentations of the participants

Right wing extremism

Sweden was before the SD party, one of the few European countries without a right wing extremist party in its parliament

Euroscepticism: the root causes and how to address them

What structural and short-term factors fuel Euroscepticism? How to explain the growing phenomenon of Euroscepticism in France? How the national background affects the configuration of Euroscepticism? How to transform the Euroscepticism trend to “Europtimism”?