It is time for a European Association Statute!

So far there has been no separate legal status for associations organised at European level. This not only makes transnational cooperation more difficult, but also makes civil society vulnerable.

A new initiative by the European Parliament seeks to create a European Association Statute to strengthen and protect organised civil society.

  • Why is such a right of association important? 
  • Why have previous attempts failed?  
  • What makes the new initiative promising and how can it succeed?

We investigate these questions in this dossier.

A public consultation on the creation of the European Association Statute is available on the European Commission’s website until 28 October 2022.

Safeguarding Democracy in the European Union

Publication Series on Europe – Volume 9:
Liberal democracies are under pressure, both worldwide and in Europe. For example, in Hungary and Poland, farright nationalist to nationalistic parties are in government and propagate an ‘illiberal’ democracy. The dismantling of democracy in an EU member state is not a national problem – it is a European one. The study makes clear the dilemma in which the EU finds itself and what possibilities for action are available to it.