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In the Context of Germany's EU Council Presidency
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The project "Green Ideas for the Future of Europe" has explored Green proposals and initiatives on the European Green Deal, the future of the EU and the role of the EU in the world. Through 20 conversations with Green decision makers and civil society actors, held prior to Germany's EU Council Presidency, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung has striven to contribute to a profound debate about the consequences of the pandemic and the future of the European project. The insights are synthesised into policy recommendations.

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Date of Publication
December 2020
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union
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ISBN 978-9-46400744-2
Table of contents

Foreword – Taking stock of Germany's EU Council Presidency 2020

1. Introduction – European Responses to Multiple Crises

2. The European Green Deal

2.1. Reform of EU Agriculture Policy and Biodiversity Protection
2.2. The European Green Deal and Digitalisation
2.3. The European Green Deal and the Future of Mobility
2.4. The European Green Deal and Gender Diversity
2.5. The Social Dimension of the European Green Deal
2.6.The European Green Deal and the Multiannual Financial Framework
2.7. Facing the Climate Crisis

3. The Future of the EU
3.1. Safeguarding the Rule of Law in EU Member States
3.2. Conference on the Future of Europe
3.3. The EU's Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policy
3.4. Post-Brexit: What Future for the EU-UK Relationship?
3.5. The EU's Digital Policy

4. The EU's Role in the World
4.1. EU-Africa: A Close and Intense Relationship
4.2. Between Cooperation and Systemic Rivalry: The EU-China Relationship
4.3. EU Trade Policy: More Transparency, Environmental and Climate Protection!
4.4. The EU Migration Policy: More Solidarity Is Needed!
4.5. The EU Must Speak With One Voice: Its Role in the Middle East
4.6. Democracy Support Outside the EU
4.7. The Future of Multilateralism

5. Policy Recommendations – Key Green Ideas for the Future of Europe