Protect Women in El Salvador! / Protejamos a las mujeres en El Salvador!


Protect women in El Salvador - GreensEFA

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The Salvadoran Constitution foresees the absolute prohibition of abortion. Women who had an abortion, a miscarriage or a stillbirth, are treated like murderers and regularly condemned to up to 35 years or more. Almost all of these women are poor.

In February 2018, Teodora Vázquez was released after ten years in prison. On 13th March 2018, Maira Figueroa came free, also after 10 years. Both were condemned to 35 years in prison. Both are now free, but they are still considered guilty. 

This has to change. There are still more than 25 women in prison. They all have to be free again. And the inhumane, totally misogynous law has to be reformed, if not revoked. Because it is a law that turns women into murderers.

We need to act now! The new legislature in El Salvador will start on 1st May 2018. Current legislators have time until then to vote in favour of amendments to the law that are already on the table.