Our Contributors to Reconnecting Europe

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  • Adam Balcer, Foreign Policy Project Manager Wise-Europe: Warsaw (EU-Russia Relations and Eastern Partnership)
  • James Bartholomeusz, environmental campaigner (Brexit)
  • Annalisa Buscaini, advocacy programme specialist, Open Society European Policy Institute (migration and asylum)
  • Professor Ricardo Cabral, University of Madeira (Eurozone) 
  • Dr Charlotte Joppien is a political anthropologist and managing co-director at Türkei Europa Zentrum at Hamburg University (Turkey and Southern Neighbourhood)
  • Péter Krekó, director of Political Capital Institute, Budapest (populism)
  • Jennifer Allsopp, writer and researcher working on migration, gender and social policy (democracy and solidarity within EU)
  • Jean Lambert, MEP, Green Member for London (Brexit)
  • Tobias Gerhard Schminke (Elections & polls)
  • Professor Viriato Soromenho-Marques, University of Lisbon (Eurozone) 
  • Vessela Tcherneva, ECFR's Programme Director and Head of ECFR Sofia Office (transatlantic relations) 
  • Lina Vosyliūtė, researcher within the Rights and Security Programme, Brussels-based independent think tank CEPS (democracy and solidarity within EU )
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