Feminist foreign policy

Diversity in political decision-making processes contributes to more successful and sustainable policies and guarantees greater responsiveness to the people’s needs. However, women and marginalised groups still have limited access to the decision-making process, especially in the field of foreign and security policy. Feminist foreign policy offers a new approach by putting human security at its core and aiming at dismantling oppressive and discriminatory power structures, addressing the experiences and needs of all parts of society, especially of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups.

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Practicing Feminist Foreign Policy in the Everyday: A Toolkit

Feminist foreign policy is emerging as a new paradigm in international relations. The concept raises expectations of a more peaceful and just foreign policy, but its theoretical dimension and practical implementation are often not clearly defined. This toolkit tries to close this gap and clarify key terms of feminist foreign policy, as well as outline the practical application of the feminist approach to international diplomacy, to security, environmental, development, trade and migration policy.
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Intersectionality and refugee women

This study critically examines some of the gendered and racialized notions about migrants embedded in and institutionalized through the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum, by engaging with the definitory and conceptual unclarities as to who the Pact defines as “especially vulnerable groups” and according to which criteria, making a relevant contribution to ongoing debates with regard to the EU’s future migration and border politics.

Guidelines for Feminist Foreign Policy: a foreign policy for all

Societies are more peaceful and prosperous when everyone can play an equal part in political, social and economic life. The German Foreign Service published on 1 March 2023 its guidelines to reach these overall objectives.

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Warum wir eine feministische Außenpolitik brauchen (Englische Originalversion) - Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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