ProjectEuropean Feminist Platform

The European Feminist Platform connects activists, scholars and political decision makers to collect, display and contextualize knowledge and best feminist practices in order to make them fruitful for feminist struggles and policies.

Our mission is to shape a feminist future.


The European Feminist Platform:

  • Connects feminists from all over Europe: from academia, activism and policy-making
  • Provides a supportive space that allows flexible and long-lasting alliances
  • Provides a structure and resources for feminist knowledge by building on experience and best practices from different fields of expertise and organizations


The goal of the European Feminist Platform is to:

  • Create a bridge between feminists - across nations and disciplines
  • Provide progressive answers and promote a feminist discourse
  • Amplify intersectional feminism
  • Create a proactive feminist future by feminists for feminists
  • Come up with a genuinely feminist vision


The European Feminist Platform acts by:

  • Producing and exchanging knowledge on EU policy making and feminist issues through events and publications
  • Academically analysing strategies e.g. of the enemies of reproductive rights
  • Translating academic knowledge into activist tools and vice versa
  • Expressing feminist political demands from a policy perspective to fill the gap in the public discourse (advocacy) and to lobby for feminist interests and demands
  • Responding to antifeminism, xenophobia and neoliberal exploitation
  • Talking with people not about people

Who we are

Articles by our members & friends

Our events

A feminist exploration #1: Covid-19

A feminist exploration #2: Demography

A feminist exploration #3: The great replacement

A feminist exploration #4: Intersectionality             

A feminist exploration #5: Visibility & symbolic politics

A feminist exploration #6: SRHR, democracy & rule of law in Poland

A feminist exploration #7: Constructing “security” during a pandemic

A feminist exploration #8: Gender-based violence, care provisions and resilience during Covid-19 in Greece

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