COP15 Further reading: Who, what and how?

Further reading: Who, what and how?

Our office director in Beijing, Paul Kohlenberg, describes how the topic of biodiversity is being discussed in China and how the great power is preparing for COP 15 in this interview.

How international civil society is coming together and taking a stand on the ongoing negotiations as well as opportunities for civil society participation can be found at the website of the CBD Alliance.

 An assessment of the first draft of the new post-2020 agreement has been presented by various NGOs and civil society networks. Here is a small selection:

Helpful for the evaluation of further drafts is also the “Dos and Don’ts” paper by Friends of the Earth and other NGOs, which the Heinrich Böll Foundation has also signed.  

An important issue that we have not highlighted in this article is international biodiversity finance. We would like to provide three reading suggestions on this topic: