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The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): Global leader in infrastructure finance, at what cost?

The AIIB’s Approach to Transparency and Public Access to Information.
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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral bank for infrastructure financing and plans to become the leading global institution for financing infrastructure projects. The study from autumn 2020 analyses why binding rules on transparency at the AIIB, especially with regard to its environmental and social standards, are very important. 

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Autumn 2020
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Why the AIIB’s specific context matters
• Fashioning A New Type of Multilateralism
• A New Governance Model: Concentration of Decision-Making Power
• Towards Global Leadership in Infrastructure Finance

The AIIB’s Transparency-Related Policy Provisions
• The Policy on Public Information (PPI)
• Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)
• Review Draft of the ESF (September 7,2020)

Info boxes for ESF implementation as case examples
• Box 1: A Project on the AIIB’s Doorsteps: Beijing Gas
• Box 2: Tourism Development on Lombok Island, Indonesia: The Mandalika Project