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2049 will be a new era, shaped by people from current trends, institutions, emissions, and waste. From the evolution of the internet and the ongoing reinvention of monetary systems to landscapes – geopolitical and natural –  to ideas for tomorrow such as Doughnut Economics and Universal Basic Income, to developing a circular fashion industry, rethinking mobility challenges and reflecting on the prospects of rewilding, to reshaping our lives and habits in the face of the climate crisis: this collection of essays, stories, and interviews, complemented by infographics, seeks to capture life and society in 2049.

With this special edition, the Green European Journal contends that the politics of tomorrow start with the politics of today. If we can envisage, design and embrace a brighter, open future, we just might get one too.

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Date of Publication
March 2019
Green European Journal
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Table of contents
  1. Doughnot economics for a thriving 21st century by Kate Raworth, Tine Hens - p.8-13
  2. Europe's tomorrows by Rui Tavares, Ulrike Guérot, Edouard Gaudot, Christophe Degryse, Luuk van Middelaar, Jamie Kendrick - p.14-37
  3. A walk on Europe's wild side by Sam Gregory-Mannnig - p.38-45
  4. Futures foretold by Aude Massiot - p.46-49
  5. Connecting Eurasia: Europe and China in the 21st century by Clémence Lizé - p.50-57
  6. Trading places by Isabelle Durant - p.58-60
  7. Planting the seeds of tomorrow's agriculture by Frédérique Hupin - p.61-67
  8. Unconditional freedom 2049 by Jorge Pinto, Eduardo Viana - p.68-77
  9. What to wear? Why fast fashion is costing the earth by Silja Kudel - p.78-89
  10. Global means by Dominique Méda - p.90-91
  11. A future of fair and democratic European central banking by Romaric Godin - p.92-99
  12. Earth, wind and solar energy by the editorial team and Daniel Scholten - p.100-103
  13. Europe's mobility is about to be rewritten by Yoann Le Petit, Jens Müller - p.104-111
  14. Fast forward by Srecko Horvat - p.112-113
  15. To 2049 and beyond: a future history of the internet by Jennifer Baker - p.114-121
  16. Fighting the backlash: Feminist & LGBTQI+futures by Annabelle Dawson - p.122-133
  17. Rebooting humanity: Blueprints for 2049 by Rosi Bradiotti and Laurent Standaert - p.134-141