The Future of Transatlantic Relations


The election of president Trump has caused major disruptions of the relations between the US and Europe. Recent differences over the Iran nuclear deal, trade and tariffs, the Paris climate agreement and other issues exposed and amplified a growing rift in the Transatlantic relationship. Already within two years, Trump's policy has impacted transatlantic relations and multilateralism in various areas. Recent plans of the Trump administration are likely to undermine the transatlantic link even further and will force the European partners to respond. How can an appropriate response look like? What consequences should the EU draw?

At the Experts Workshop ‘The Future of Transatlantic Relations’ (Midterm Evaluation Administration Trump)’ we have posed these questions to experts of the transatlantic community in Brussels, from other parts of Europe and from the States. The following report aims to outline the discussions of the workshop and to highlight some of its conclusions.


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December 2018
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union
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