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In the autumn of 2013 fifteen young people from Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain came to Brussels to discuss their “common future in the eurozone” with each other and with representatives of the EU-Institutions, think tanks, NGOs and social partners. After a week of hard work and intense debates they were united in their conclusions: “Our discussions have shown that there is, indeed, a north-south divide. More critical input from the south is needed to make people in the north aware of the current situation in the southern countries. The north-south dialectic must be overcome by a greater awareness of the historical and social reality in every region. Awareness of the north should not be confused with pitying the south: making the European system work is important for all the countries alike.“ Their solidarity did not stop there. The debate is continuing in the blog „Young Voices of Europe” and four of them were back in Brussels to talk about the situation of young people in their home countries just before the European elections and what they expect from the new MEPs and the European Union.

See HERE Stylia Kampanis video "Young Voices from Greece".
Find HERE Stylia Kampanis presentation.

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