Feminicido: Un Fenomeno Global - De Lima a Madrid



Feminicido: Un Fenomeno Global - De Lima a Madrid


Feminicides refer to cases in which the victims women, after experiencing continuous discrimination throughout their lives, are killed because they are. Going beyond the emblematic cases in Mexico and Guatemala, this publication offers a regional perspective on feminicide in Latin America. It gives voice to prominent women activists, academics, human rights defenders and civil society.

The publication maintains that feminicide is a crime against life, human rights and women's dignity. It is a state crime against its citizens as the state fails its duty to prevent women, investigate and punish violence against. It is an international community crime if this community does not react and instead satisfies itself by witnessing the murders, which means: protecting the crimes and the impunity that surrounds them.

The European Union and Latin America have a wide range of instruments to act against feminicide and violence against women. The lack of concrete improvements makes us conclude that there is not enough political will to implement these instruments.

So, the European Union will have to make a crucial decision: either to act in favor of human rights by giving a clear mandate to eradicate the killings of women - or in favor of the perpetrators by accepting the impunity. Daily realities in Latin America between leave no doubt: there is no way in.

The publication is only available in Spanish at the moment.

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April 2010
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union
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