Shaping the Future of Multilateralism - Besma Soudani Belhaj and Najla Abbes_FINAL.png

Shaping the Future of Multilateralism - Outlawing gender-based political violence: Can Tunisia’s example carve a multilateral path for others?

Published: 19 May 2021

Expanding on the United Nations Women’s Rights Convention, Tunisia became the first Arab country to incorporate into its laws the notion of gender-based political violence. Can this concept now be incorporated into international instruments to benefit more women across the globe, starting with UN Women’s 2021 Generation Equality Forum?

Get Lost cover

"Get Lost!": European Return Policies in Practice

Published: 25 September 2020

Current EU migration policies' increased focus on returns raises concerns on the adequacy of such measures with EU standards and fundamental rights. This publication highlights the problems and difficulties returnees face in Afghanistan, Syria, Tunisia, Senegal and Kosovo.