Rebuilding the Neighbourhood

The eastern and southern neighbourhood of the European Union are in turmoil. The conflicts at the EU’s eastern and southern borders no longer stop there. Refugees and migrants are entering the EU on an unprecedented scale. Terrorist attacks and threats related to conflicts in the southern neighbourhood have reached EU soil.

The EU’s neighbourhood policy has miserably failed. A new ENP is in the making, but as the EU is struggling to deal with these new challenges it has to face its own erosion process. How can an unstable EU contribute to the stabilisation and the rebuilding of its neighbourhood? How do people in the neighbourhood see the European Union and the state it is in? What are their expectations?

Geopolitics with European Characteristics

Europe is neither poor nor weak. The EU and the Member States have the means to ensure their citizens’ security, freedom and prosperity, if only they muster the will and the unity to do so.

By Prof.Dr Sven Biscop

Overcoming European Extremes – Towards One European Neighbourhood

By 2016 the eastern neighbourhood of the European Union (EU) has turned into a region of intercultural conflicts, interstate wars and authoritarian experiments betraying the bright hopes for continental cooperation, freedom and peace of the early 1990s.

By Mikhail (Mykhailo) Minakov

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