Ute Schaeffer
Head of Media Development Deutsche Welle Akademie

Ute Schaeffer is Head of Media Development at the Deutsche Welle Akademie and working on projects fostering media development. DW Akademie's mandate to promote media development is more important than ever, but the challenges have become increasingly complex. These days, information can reach every corner of the world which is why media development has taken center stage in development policy. DW Akademie is meeting these challenges with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach. It works on political frameworks in consultation with government authorities and NGOs, for example, and advises journalists and the media on developing new business models to assure their financial independence. Today, DW Akademie works in 50 countries around the world, with sustainably designed programs and clearly defined aims. Our goal is to help develop free, diverse and independent media landscapes.

From 2011 to 2014 Schaeffer was chief editor at the Deutsche Welle. She reported from Africa, the Middle Easr and Eastern Europe. Her publicistic focus lies on media development, human rights and der democratic participation.