Michalis Goudis
Director, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Thessaloniki, Greece office
Michalis Goudis

Michalis Goudis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. His Journalism and Mass Communication studies at Aristotle University were followed up by Radio & Data Journalism training at LfM in Düsseldorf and at DJS in Munich.

As a journalist in Greece, he has reported, published and broadcasted for several magazines, online media and radio stations, while freelancing- especially at peak of the Eurozone crisis- for numerous European Media, including among others DIE ZEIT, ZDF, Songlines and Nieuwsuur.

Moving to Brussels, after a valuable learning experience at the Press Unit of the European Parliament, starting in July 2013 and over a period of 7 years he’s been leading the communications work of Housing Europe, while being actively involved in the International Social Housing Festival.

In the meantime, his persistent interest in cities gave a twist to his professional and educational path with a Master's degree in Human Geography & Spatial Planning.

Summer 2020 includes an exciting professional turning point that brings him back to his hometown to head the Heinrich Böll-Stiftung office in Thessaloniki, Greece with its talented team working closely with a wide range of partners on democracy, ecology and social solidarity economy.


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