Małgorzata Tracz
Member of Sejm (lower house Polish Parliament), Polish Green Party
Malgorzata Tracz

Since November 2019 Małgorzata Tracz is one of the first members of the Green Party to be elected to the parliament of Poland. She is 35 years old has been the co-president of the Polish Green Party for six years.

Over the last years, she has argued many times against the breaking the rule of the law by the government.
Malgorzata Tracz is a member of the Polish Women's Congress (Kongres Kobiet) and Ecological Association EKO-UNIA. Moreover, she is a supporter of Lower Silesian Smog Alert (Dolnośląski Alarm Smogowy).

Her priorities are fighting climate change and the degradation of the environment. Malgorzata Tracz focuses on equality and democracy in all aspects of our lives. She gives speeches and lectures on women’s rights, renewable energy and election law.