Magdalena Heuwieser
Campaigner at Stay Grounded network
M Heuwieser 8_19 mq.jpg

Magdalena Heuwieser co-founded the Stay Grounded network in 2016. Stay Grounded is now an umbrella organisation for about 170 initiatives around the world, campaigning for a climate just reduction of aviation. Magdalena studied International Development in Vienna and lived two years in Latin America where she experienced the negative impacts of "green" offset projects. Indigenous protests against hydroelectric damns and forest conservation, being implemented in authoritarian ways, paved her way for activism against carbon colonialism. With aviation threatening to become the biggest demand for offset credits, she started campaigning on the issue. She is (co-)author of several books and reports on Carbon Colonialism, The Illusion of Green Flying, the Financialization of Nature and the Imperial Mode of Living.