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Böll·Europe Podcast #1 | Making the Great Turnaround Work part 1: Greening finance

Talking about the Green transition is all good and well. The big elephant in the room though: who is going to finance a green transformation of our economies and societies!?  Boiling it down to the essence: do we do it through the public or the private hand? At the macro- or European level, this can be translated into critically assessing the role and impact of two types of actors or set of rules: the European Fiscal Framework and financial markets. How are the European Fiscal Framework and financial markets backing up the Green transition in Europe? And are they, actually?  To answer these very complicated questions, Gail Rego talks to Frank van Lerven (New Economics Foundation) and Carolyn Sissoko (University of the West of England). Their respective papers Changing Europe’s Fiscal Rules: Unleashing public investment for a socially just Green Deal” and “The Role of Financial Markets in a Green Transformation” are part of the publication “Making the great turnaround work: Economic policy for a green and just transition", a collaboration of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the ZOE Institute for Future-Fit Economies, and Finanzwende Recherche.

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