Amazonia Today

A region between development, destruction and climate protection

Since Jair Bolsonaro took up office as President of Brazil in January 2019, deforestation rates have curved steeply upwards once again. But it should be borne in mind that even under previous presidents, from Lula to Temer, and even with enormous global awareness of the importance of tropical forests and many national and international efforts, deforestation has never been halted altogether. This is why this publication by Thomas Fatheuer aims to investigate the background (and people behind the scenes) as well as the causes of deforestation. For the destruction of the rainforest and obliteration of areas where indigenous peoples and traditional communities live is the result of social and economic processes embedded in the country’s power structures.
Amazonia Today

Amazonia today

The rate of deforestation  in Amazonia during the Bolsonaro era has risen dramatically, now also spurred by the Covid-19 crisis. This publication takes closer look at the complex social, economic and political causes of deforestation and land degradation in the so-called "lungs of the planet".

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