The EU 2030 Climate and Energy Proposals and Competitiveness

The 2nd Climate Dialogue on 17 February 2014 reflected on the EU 2030 Climate and Energy Proposals and Competitiveness.  Concerns over EU industrial competitiveness are the greatest barriers to higher ambition in the 2030 climate and energy framework. It is important to have a package that recognizes the specific advantages the EU has, and how they compare to international competitors. Key questions that were addressed in the discussion included:

  • What do we need from the new climate and energy framework for 2030 to ensure that the EU remains competitive?
  • What are structural elements of the package that we need to lower cost (e.g. efficiency and infrastructure) and to maximize economic opportunity (e.g. industrial policy and financial instruments)?
  • What are the key challenges? Low-carbon leakage, barriers in the internal market, infrastructure, ensuring resilience to climate shocks?

For more information, please contact Silvia Brugger.

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March 2014
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