Reflecting on Warsaw and the EU 2030 Framework

The 1st Climate Dialogue on 26 November 2013 reflected on the COP19 in Warsaw and on how different scenarios under the EU’s debate on the 2030 climate and energy framework could influence the UNFCCC negotiations. Key questions that were addressed in the discussion included:

  • What impact will low, medium and high EU mitigation ambition have on the international negotiation process? How would this change what others, such as China and Brazil, put on the table?
  • How do we counter the domestic narratives against high EU ambition (eg. we cannot afford to tackle climate change under current economic circumstances, the EU is alone in taking real action on climate change)?
  • If the ambition is not high enough, what are our options to increase the EU targets after the March/June council?

For more information, please contact Silvia Brugger.

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March 2014
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