"The Oranges in Europe taste better"

On the root causes of flight, the countermeasures - and their shortcomings
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There are many reasons to migrate: persecution and war, poverty and hunger, yet also the pursuit of a better life. Migration means - briefly described - the medium or long term spatial change of the centre of one's life.

This publication offers insights into exemplary processes, that drive people from their homes. It provides a forum for scientists from Pakistan, Somalia and El Salvador, people, who had to flee from Syria, Burundi and Malawi as well as migrants and activists from Niger and Senegal. They all emphasise how little we know about the "causes of migration and flight" and show the necessity of political action.


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Date of Publication
March 2018
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deutsch, english, français
Table of contents

Preface and Introduction 

The terms migration, flight, asylum and some others 
Ali Nobil Ahmad

A topography of complexity - migration to, within and from Pakistan 
Ali Nobil Ahmad

"The oranges in Europe taste better" - Young Somalis and the perilous journey to Europe 
Nimo-Ilhan Ahmad Ali