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Beyond the 2018 Presidential Election: Is Russia Preparing for Life after Putin?


For a country with the GDP of Italy (but 2,5 times more populated) and economically dependent on oil and gas (70% of its exports and 15% of its GDP); Putin with his playing tough in Ukraine, Syria and even Europe (the Skripal Case, meddling in the Brexit and Catalan referenda, French and German elections…) might be punching above his weight. The regime will have to get on with the task of reducing inequalities and corruption, and seriously diversify the economy. Russia, with a high death and low birth rate, is also facing a demographic problem.

Does the future of Russia lie in its youth? Are the Russian elites concerned about their future and will there be new chances for civil society and political opposition? Will Russia’s youth rise again after the clampdown in 2011-2012? In short, is Russian society preparing for life after Putin?


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April 2018
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union
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