Launch Event Ma Propre Energie

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union
Place of publication
Brussels, Belgium
Date of Publication
July 2015
Number of Pages
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Together with the French NGO Energie Partagée, the governmental agency ADEME and the renewable electricity supplier Enercoop, the Heinrich Böll Foundation presented on 29 May 2015 in Paris an online comic called “ma propre energie”, which has been designed by the French comic-strip artist Audrey Collomb. Energie Partagée is a NGO which is committed to help local communities develop and finance renewable energy projects. In order to bring the energy transition issue to a broader public, Energie Partagée worked with ADEME, Enercoop and the Heinrich Böll Foundation on this online comic, which describes the big steps of the energy history in France and aims at motivating citizens to take an active part in the development of a sustainable and local energy system. The comic is thought as a pedagogic tool, to help the public understand the path which led to a highly centralised energy system in France, heavily dependent on nuclear energy. It also shows that alternative models have been developed successfully in the last years and that local renewable energy projects are worth investing in. The title “ma propre énergie” is a pun playing with the double meaning of “propre”, which can either mean “clean” or “my own”.

The comic is available on the website and anyone is welcome to spread the illustrations further.