The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2014


Three years after Fukushima, global nuclear power generation continues to decline. This year's report states that the nuclear share in the world's power generation declined steadily from a historic peak of 17.6 percent in 1996 to 10.8 percent in 2013. If it weren’t for the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, we probably wouldn’t know. This is because the nuclear industry is working hard to have us believe quite the opposite: that the world is seeing a nuclear renaissance.
Over the past years, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report has made a name for itself as an independent and accurate reference point to researchers and media the world over. The report's success is due to its truly factual and empirical analysis of the global nuclear industry. It is not a report intended to push a pro or anti nuclear narrative, it simply states the facts. It bundles and makes available generally accepted data and provides a vital reality check to the current situation of the global nuclear industry, as well as identifying important nuclear trends.
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July 29, 2014
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