Beyond Managing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

A peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is increasingly inhibited veto-players who support its continuation until the 'other' is defeated. Far-reaching divisions within the conflicting societies are one reason for this, such as the rifts between Hamas and Fatah, or between secular Isreali Jews and the ultra-orthodox community. These intra-societal divisions jump to the foreground as soon as a political agreement to a protracted conflict is reached or is about to be reached.

This project aims to mobilise opinion makers and public opinion behind an incluse peace agenda. Innvative methodological tools will help to form facilitators committed to pursue the cause of building peace in both societies.

Partners/ Implementing Agencies:

  • The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH) (Occupied Palestinian Territory)
  • Young Israeli Forum for Cooperation (YIFC) (Israel)
  • The Interdisciplinary Centre for Conflict Analysis, Political Development and World Society Research (TRANSFORM) (Germany)


  • Expert meetings
  • Training of trainers and facilitators
  • Facilitated multi-national workshops
  • Grant-making for implementing action plans created in the workshops and evaluation

Expected results:

  • Individuals from Israeli-Palestinian coalitions implement strategies to mobilize public opinion behind the peace process
  • A training manual is created and translated into Arabic and Hebrew
  • A core group of 36 Israeli, Palestinian and European leaders/facilitators have articulated a strategic plan for action on a larger scale

This project was conducted from 2008 to 2010. The European Union supported this with €320.000, implementing under the ENPI.