Reconnecting Europe

2017 was another bad year for the European Union, maybe not quite as bad as many of us feared, but many of the serious problems Europe had been wrestling with over the last years remained unsolved. The 2018 version of our blog ‘Re-connecting Europe’ will deal with these issues: the ongoing difficulties in the eurozone; the EU’s troubled relations with its big neighbours Russia and Turkey and the tensions in the EU’s neighbourhood, east and south; the messy transatlantic relations and their impact on the global situation; the awkward Brexit negations, their consequences for citizens on both sides of the channel and the impact on the general mood in the Union; the worrying wave of populism; the simmering migration and refugee crisis and the concerns about the lack of solidarity and the further decline of democracy in the European Union.  

Eurozone Reform: Between Hope and ‘Mission Impossible'

What would be a successful turning point in the Eurozone’s institutional structure? Shifts in high official positions in the Eurozone administration will introduce new priorities when it comes to safeguard and promote democratic values, overcome economic divergences and (re)build social trust.


By Viriato Soromenho-Marques, Ricardo Cabral

Our bloggers

  • Professor Viriato Soromenho-Marques, University of Lisbon: Eurozone Professor; and Ricardo Cabral, University of Madeira: Eurozone 
  • Adam Balcer, Foreign Policy Project Manager Wise-Europe: Warsaw: EU-Russia Relations and Eastern Partnership 
  • Dr Charlotte Joppien is a political anthropologist and managing co-director at Türkei Europa Zentrum at Hamburg University: Turkey and Southern Neighbourhood
  • Vessela Tcherneva, ECFR's Programme Director and Head of ECFR Sofia Office: transatlantic relations 
  • James Bartholomeusz, environmental campaigner: Brexit
  • Péter Krekó, director of Political Capital Institute, Budapest: populism
  • Annalisa Buscaini, advocacy programme specialist, Open Society European Policy Institute: migration and asylum 
  • Lina Vosyliūtė, researcher within the Rights and Security Programme, Brussels-based independent think tank CEPS; and Jennifer Allsopp, writer and researcher working on migration, gender and social policy: democracy and solidarity within EU 
  • Jean Lambert, MEP, Green Member for London: Brexit