The European Parliament Goes Green!

The European Parliament Goes Green!


In 2009, the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Green European Foundation collated the ambitions of newly elected Green Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in a yearbook for the first time. This year the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Green European Foundation have teamed up again to shed light on the ideas, dreams and wishes of Green MEPs and present civil society's expectations of the Greens/EFA group. The articles and videos that make up this collection analyse the results of the elections to the European Parliament in different EU member states as well as the opportunities and challenges lying ahead to deliver on the green agenda. 

The Green Wave: A tsunami or just a storm in a teacup?


The final overall outcome of the European elections in May 2019 was more than 70 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for the Greens/EFA group. Europe Elects has crunched the numbers for this article and found that Greens/EFA skyrocketed from around 7,5% in 2014 to 11.7%.

By Tobias Gerhard Schminke

About the dossier

Upon the European elections in May 2019, the Greens/EFA group has grown significantly in size and holds more seats than ever before in the European Parliament. How can they take advantage of their increased influence to implement urgent changes in various policy fields over the next five years? How can they cooperate with civil society and grassroots movements to come up with successful policy approaches to the difficult tasks ahead? This dossier aims to give an overview of who they are and what other actors expect from them.

Climate protection has finally made it onto the political agenda as a priority
Eva van de Rakt, Aurélie Maréchal

New Green MEPs

Written profiles

Positions and expectations from NGOs

European Digital Rights

European Digital Rights (EDRi) is an association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe, which defends rights and freedoms in the digital environment. EDRi’s key priorities for the next years are privacy, surveillance, net neutrality and copyright reform.

Federation of Young European Greens

The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) is the European umbrella organisation for Young Green organisations from all over the continent. Its 38 member organisations comprise various backgrounds: local ecological groups, student unions, youth wings of Green parties and Green Youth NGOs.

Corporate Europe Observatory

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making. We work in several areas of EU policy including trade, finance, climate, food and agriculture, digital, health, and the environment.

It is high time that Europe becomes the leading voice in the fight against climate change
Federation of Young European Greens

Interview with Jagoda Munic from Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)

Interview with Dharmendra Kanani from Friends of Europe

Challenges for the EU

The political landscape is evolving across the world. Climate is a dividing line in elections from Finland to Australia, and a question to which all parties must answer. The EU elections in May 2019 saw more Green MEPs elected than ever before on the back of a surge turbocharged by street movements. Though certainly greener, overall the European Parliament is fragmented and the balance of power uncertain.
This selection of articles from the Green European Journal sketches some of the challenges facing the European Union in the years to come. As it wields its growing influence, the green movement should be prepared to direct EU policies to achieve more sustainable future for Europe and the world. From the climate crisis and growing threats to democracy to worsening employment conditions and Fortress Europe, there is much work to be done.

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