Fostering democracy and upholding human rights, taking action to prevent the destruction of the global ecosystem, advancing equality between women and men, securing peace through conflict prevention in crisis zones, and defending the freedom of individuals against excessive state and economic power – these are the objectives that drive the ideas and actions of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

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What strategies and actions can counter populist demagoguery and what is necessary to rebuild trust in the national and European political system(s) and restore their legitimacy in the eyes of European citizens?  

Tamara Marbán, 2013 – Red Chilena contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres

Feminicide/femicide is the most extreme form of violence against women. It is not a matter of “…isolated incidents that arise suddenly and unexpectedly, but rather the ultimate act of violence which is experienced in a continuum of violence" against women.

EU Policy

The hbs European Union invites 15 young Europeans from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Sweden and the UK to Brussels in order to discuss origin, background, ideology and strategies of right-wing populist and extremist parties and movements in their respective countries.

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Democracy & Development

Don't miss the VIII Conference on Feminicide/ Femicide (June, 1st) and its follow-up (June, 2nd). Two years into the signing of the EU-CELAC Bi-Regional Dialogue on gender issues,  we will discuss the question whether any improvements have been made.


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Starting 1 July until 20 December 2015. Workplace is Paris. This is a freelance position with a flexible, on-demand working time of approx. 5-10 days/month in the run-up to and during COP21.


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How can the transatlantic exchange help to make energy infrastructure compatible with a transition to a low-carbon energy system? What new opportunities arise from investments in smart energy infrastructure? Which governance options can provide for effective, coherent and democratic energy infrastructure planning and what role can regional cooperation play in this regard?

Euro - Greece

By the end of 2015, will we have a better eurozone and a better Greece or will we have to face a failed eurozone and a failed state?

Fukushima: Four Years Later

This report presents the main arguments that haven been discussed at the Böll Lunch Debateconference 'Fukushima: Four Years Later' (Brussels, March 4 2015).

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Events at hbs Brussels

1. Jun.
VIII Conference on Feminicide/ Femicide
2. Jun.
VIII Conference on Feminicide/ Femicide
3. Jun.
A Joint Work Programme on Climate Change for the EU and Latin America Ahead of the Paris Climate Conference

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