The objective of the LIFE Programme is to be a catalyst for promoting implementation and integration of environmental and climate objectives in other policies and Member State practice. Special emphasis is placed on better governance, as it is inextricably linked to improving

The LIFE+ Programme now contains only two sub-programmes:
Environment (Priority areas: Environment & Resource Efficiency; Biodiversity; Environmental Governance & Information) and Climate Action (Priority Areas: Climate Mitigation; Climate Adaptation; Climate Governance & Information).


Geographical criteria:

a) EU Member States;
b) European Free Trade Association (EFTA ) countries which are parties to the Agreement on
the European Economic Area (EEA);
c) candidate countries, potential candidates and acceding countries to the Union;
d) countries to which the European Neighbourhood Policy applies;
e) countries which have become members of the European Environmental Agency in accordance
with Council Regulation (EC) No 933/1999.

Eligible entities:

  • legal persons (entities) registered in the EU;
  • public bodies;
  • private commercial organisations;
  • private non-commercial organisations (including NGOs).