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Digital Policy: A feminist Introduction

Digital Policy: A feminist Introduction


A digital policy for and within the digital society is subject to constant transformation. This nascent policy area has, thus far, lacked deeper feminist analyses in order for this transformation process to take place. This initial introduction describes one way of plugging this gap. Developmental lines, findings, and standpoints that have been propounded thus far are consolidated as a means of developing appropriate visions and perspectives.

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Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change


With the increasing deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies across society, it is important to understand in which ways AI may accelerate or impede climate progress, and how various stakeholders can guide those developments.

Privacy in the EU and US: Consumer experiences across three global platforms

Privacy in the EU and US


This research examines how aspects of privacy and data protection are working for consumers in two major economic areas – the EU and the US. Both have high levels of digital use, and major online providers offer very similar services in both regions. However, their legal approach to data protection and privacy are very different: while the EU has a general data protection law, the US to-date has not enacted such an all-encompassing law at the federal level.dig

Civil Society Innovation and Populism in a Digital Era

Innovation Report: Civil Society Innovation and Populism in a Digital Era


Across 14 case studies from international and national civil society organisations, networks and movements from populist contexts around the world, the report highlights their innovativeness, effectiveness in countering different elements of populism, and responsiveness to the potential of digital media in the specific context.

Upping the Ante on Bulk Surveillance


The precarious balance between the need for security and the right to privacy will continue to characterize “risk societies” of the 21st century. This compendium by Thorsten Wetzling and Kilian Vieth provides robust oversight practices and good laws that can serve as bulwarks against the erosion of fundamental rights in Europe and America.

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