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In Favour of a Solidary EU Refugee Policy

A special EU summit of heads of state and government will take place on 23 September. After years of neglect, however, a solidary EU refugee policy cannot be elaborated in summary proceedings and under pressure. A commentary by Eva van de Rakt.

By Eva van de Rakt

Budapest - Keleti


For four days now I have been in Budapest, a witness to a drama that I would have considered impossible in an EU capital not long ago.

By Eva van de Rakt

The EU Migration Dilemma

The world needs a framework for global migration governance. Inaction means no more and no less than moral and political failure to address one of the most pressing issues of our time.

By Jelena von Helldorff

Polish right-wing politics: a devil of decarbonization

Poland has a new president – Andrzej Duda, from the right-wing and anti-European party. And if the current political winds do not change, we can expect a substantial shift in the Polish parliament after the general elections in the fall, warns Michał Olszewski. What does it mean for the Polish environmental policy?

By Michał Olszewski

Greening our foreign policy: Of visions, principles, and contradictions

Bloody wars are waged, democracy and human rights are challenged, climate change advances: Within a world out of joint, what are the international norms, political actors and concrete initiatives breathing life into a Green vision for peace, social justice and environmental stability?

By Charlotte Beck

Forget Assad

If you cannot overthrow the tyrant, co-operate with him – after four disastrous years in Syria this seems to be the conclusion the international community has arrived at. Dr Bente Scheller, director of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Middle East, comments on this simplistic approach to a complicated problem.

By Bente Scheller

When choosing means losing

The trade relations of the six countries of the Eastern Partnership is a complex web of discrepancies. They have assigned different association agreements with Russia and the EU. The coexistence of these two models of economic integration poses challenges - and problems.

By Heidi Hautala