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Europe in Crisis

Maria Valentina Lasorella is one of our Young Voices of Europe.

By Maria Valentina Lasorella

North-South Divide

Christoforos pavlakis is one of our Young Voices of Europe.

By Christoforos Pavlakis

Spotlight on Croatia

When Croatia started negotiating its membership six years ago, the enthusiasm was great. What do Croatians think, hope and fear in light of the approaching EU-Membership?

What Can the European Union Do in Syria?

More than two years ago the Syrian Revolution started as a popular and largely peaceful protest against the brutal dictatorship of the Assad regime and the Baath Party. Even now, although the revolution has turned into a violent struggle for power, the popular call for rights, human dignity and a free and inclusive Syria are still part and parcel of the revolutionary movement. Yet, in two years time, the Revolution has turned into a civil war.

The lesson of the latest amendments to the Hungarian constitution

With the constitutional amendments adopted on the 11th of March, Viktor Orbán has once again caused a surprise. The reactions of the Western European public show that there is still an inadequate grasp of how political power is exercised by Orbán’s government. European democrats now finally need to formulate a common position against the power centralization in the country.

By Eva van de Rakt

Agriculture Atlas 2019 - Facts and Figures on EU Farming Policy

Press release

Europe needs a new political majority for a fundamental reform of the EU’s damaging and inequitable farming subsidies to stand a chance of saving nature, preventing the worst effects of climate change and reviving small farms and our rural regions.