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"Get Lost!"

The overall emphasis of current EU policies on increasing the “effectiveness” of return, including through the use of informal and non-binding readmission arrangements, raises a set of issues concerning the impact of those measures on relevant EU standards in a number of areas, including respect of fair and legal remedy procedures, identification and re-documentation of migrants, and the effective protection of personal data. This publication highlights the numerous problems and difficulties returnees face in Afghanistan, Syria, Tunisia, Senegal and Kosovo.

Radioactivity Under the Sand


More than half a century ago, France tested its first atomic bombs in the Algerian desert. This E-Paper examines the environmental and political legacy of these tests: a story of post-colonial injustice and radiological irresponsibility.

Closed ports, dubious partners

Closed Ports, Dubious Partners


This study shows that port closures are governed not only by the law of the sea and human rights law, but also by WHO law and that non-refoulement obligations continue to apply even in emergency situations while a derogation is not permissible under international law.

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40 Years CEDAW: The International Bill of Rights for Women

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Closed Ports, Dubious Partners: The EU’s Policy of Outsourcing Responsibility in the Mediterranean