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Heinrich Böll Foundation

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The Heinrich Böll Foundation sees itself as an agency for Green ideas and projects, as well as a forum for the exchange of ideas both nationally and internationally.

Working together with more than 100 project partners in over 60 countries, it supports the development of democratic civil societies worldwide. The Heinrich Boell Foundation maintains offices in 28 countries.

A particular focus of the Foundation's work is the promotion of sustainable development. As such, it supports projects that Work against the destruction of the global ecosystem and instead promote the development of renewable energies. Other goals that guide the Foundation's activities include overcoming patriarchal structures of domination and supporting conflict management and peace promotion measures in crisis areas.

The Foundation focuses on the European Union's common foreign and security policy, on enlargement, as well as on the crisis regions in the Balkans and the Caucasus. The Foundation sees the promotion of political networks in Central and Eastern Europe as one of its priorities.

The Heinrich Boell Foundation receives A substantial part of its funding from the Federal Republic of Germany. Approximately half of its budget is allocated for international projects.

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