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Our newest dossier

Feminicidio: un fenómeno global

Romper el silencio, acabar con la impunidad y pedir la responsabilidad universal ha sido siempre nuestro lema sobre el feminicidio. ¿Cómo fortalecer la lucha contra la violencia contra las mujeres a nivel birregional UE-CELAC?

What we do

The work of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union on Democracy & Development is based on the understanding that democracy and development are a socio-political processes driven by citizens.
The adoption by the EU of subsequent constitutive treaties has created sufficient provision for the respect of human rights within EU internal and external policies including Common Foreign and Security Policy, trade, cooperation and development. Thus, the EU's external relations' activities must not only respect but also promote human rights and democratic development. Legal provisions on gender equality are, unfortunately, less consistent. 
The hbs European Union promotes the integration and implementation of existing EU legal provisions on democracy, human rights, gender equality, sustainable development and civil society participation in the contractual relations with developing countries. This is put into practice with active participation from partners in Brussels and abroad.

For more information, please contact

Patricia JIMENEZ
Global Dialogue Programme
Tel. +32-2-743 41 03

Dr. Cornelia HOFFMANN
EU Programmes and Democracy
Tel. +32-2-743 41 01


Squeezed – Space for Civil Society

The civil society is globally under pressure. In many countries governments are restricting the activities of civil society organisations with targeted measures. In this dossier we deliver analysis and background knowledge, whilst exploring new scopes for action for civil societies.


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