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EU trade policy mostly neglected integrating a gender perspective. Introducing complementary policies and binding implementation mechanisms could mitigate negative effects. 

 Gathering of opponents of the draft constitution close to the Presidential Palace

The German federal government sees Egypt as a state that can guarantee regional stability. But especially the support of the regime as-Sisi increases the instability in the region. It's time for a new approach to Egypt.

Refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece

Caroline Ausserer spoke with Zhan Chiam, employee at ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), about the recent report of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on LGBTI asylum-seekers and -refugees.

LGBT Marcha del Orgullo, Buenos Aires 2010

In 2006 human rights experts elaborated the Yogyakarta Principles. Their question: What is known about human rights law in relation to gender identity? An Interview about the impact of the principles so far.


Since February 26, a truce has largely prevailed in Syria. However, hardly any improvements to the humanitarian situation in the country can be observed to date. People continue to suffer starvation. That is part of the war strategy.

LGBTI individuals and LGBTI human rights defenders in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are facing huge challenges as LGBTI rights issues are currently shaped by EU, Russia, and South Caucasus geopolitical and economic interests. Could the European Neighbourhood Policy and other EU foreign policy initiatives contribute to the improvement of the LGBTI rights situation in the region?

Five years after the democratic upheaval Morocco is closing down spaces for civic and human rights.


Syria and the fight against ISIS is the dominating foreign policy topic in the current presidential debates. The discourse on no-fly zones and efforts to topple Bashar al-Assad show that divisions run deep and beyond party lines. 

Gay Pride in Istanbul 2013

The Gezi protests have given new, sustainable boost the LGBTIQ movement in Turkey. The history of the movement, however, the begins at the latest in the beginning of the last century.

Red Chilena contra la volencia hacia las mujeres.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union would like to thank all those who participated in the VIII Conference on Feminicide: The Duty of Due Diligence to Eradicate Feminicide on Monday, June 1st and Tuesday, June 2nd 2015.

Don't miss the VIII Conference on Feminicide/ Femicide (June, 1st) and its follow-up (June, 2nd). Two years into the signing of the EU-CELAC Bi-Regional Dialogue on gender issues,  we will discuss the question whether any improvements have been made.


The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union will be hosting the VIII Conference on Feminicide: The Duty of Due Diligence to Erradicate Feminicide on Monday, June 1st from 15:00 - 18:30 at the European Parliament and on Tuesday, June 2nd from 9:00 – 12:00 at the European Social Platform.

What does Family mean? The Referendum suggests that no cohabitation of persons other than a union between one man and one woman can be called marriage.

On February 7 2015, a referendum on protecting the family to define marriage as a unique union between a man and a woman will be held in Slovakia. The article outlines how slovak parties deal with the referendum as an important institution.


Open letter to the 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa, to their families, friends and colleagues.


Anat Thon Ashkenazi analyses how UNSCR 1325 on Women Peace and Security is relevant to the current situation in Palestine and Israel.


Violence against women, especially its most severe form, femicide/feminicide, is caused by many factors, such as social constructs and the symbolic violence of what it means to be a man or a women in different societies. In contemporary societies, mass media plays a fundamental role in these constructs due both to the content, language and narrative used, and to audience consumption.

Teen scientist

Systematic discrimination against women drives patterns of inequality and poverty. The G20 cannot achieve inclusive growth with gender-blind policies. Therefore, the G20 must reassess its entire agenda and, among other things, promote women's rights in employment, social protection, and fiscal policy.

Bety Cariño und Jyri Jaakkola

Promises and delays - an account of the killings of Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola and its imputiny. Please note that this article is available only in German.


The EuroLat Parliamentary Assembly calls for effective action to end femicide.

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung offices European Union and Russia invited activists of three Russian leading LGBT organisations (LGBT Network, LGBT Film Festival Side-by-Side and Coming Out).