The Catalan Independence Conundrum

The Catalan government is determined to go through with its plans to hold an independence referendum. With the country on the verge of a constitutional crisis, a negotiated solution becomes crucial

By Sonia Andolz-Rodríguez

The Spanish General Election: Will Another Austerity Government Bite the Dust?

The Spanish election will, indeed, change the political landscape of the country. Two new big parties will enter the political arena and make a coalition government necessary. That government will have to deal with a country in a dismal economic situation and may well find itself caught between economic and social interests, while reforming the constitution to deal with several political crises within the country.

A New Era in Spanish Politics: Time to Negotiate

The question that has to be asked after the election is if Spanish politicians will make up their minds to sign a government agreement or if there will be a snap election. The next days will be crucial for Spain and hopefully we will have the answer very soon.

By Ilke Toygür, Marta Paradés