Heading South - Rethinking the Eurozone


How to redesign the Eurozone in order to enhance its chances of survival?  There are many alternatives that can and should be considered. A contribution on how to change the European Union's economic policy. 

Managing the refugee crisis: a Greek perspective

Greece as a key migrant entry point needs extra resources to secure the EU’s external border and provide humanitarian assistance. It's vital to manage the burden sharing and secure a pragmatic agreement with Turkey to stem migrant flows and facilitate returns.

By Dr. Thanos Dokos

Greek Elections 2015: Quo Vadis, Alexis?

Will the Greek crisis return? Will Tsipras be able to stave it off? The road to national dignity is paved with good intentions and even better proclamations.

By Eleni Panagiotarea

The Real Challenges for the EU Still Lie Ahead

The Greek crisis and the past summit seems only like the first mile of a marathon. The next years will require a lot more bold decisions, strong political leadership, and solidarity among the European member states and their citizens. The project of reinvigorating Europe, regaining self-confidence, and redefining our common sense of mission in the 21st century has only just begun.

By Bastian Hermisson

Democracy in Greece, Forty Years On

Greek democracy faced at least two major challenges over the past forty years, but has overcome both of them and despite the effects of the economic crisis which it currently faces, it can reform itself and develop further.

By Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos