Event Report External Relations


Expert Workshop Eastern Partnership Policy


Our regional offices met with experts from the EU institutions, think tanks, NGO and the academic world to shed light on current challenges, changes and credibility  of the EU's Eastern Partnership.


The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict and the European Union

Are the Western sanctions against Russia working, how long should they remain in force and are there any other means to influence Russia’s politics? What else is it the EU can do to strengthen Ukraine? Is a long-term EU membership for Ukraine feasible and how would Russia react to that? What exactly is the driving force behind Putin’s policy towards Ukraine and how can EU-Russian relations evolve under such hostile circumstances?

Under Pressure: LGBT Rights in Russia

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung offices European Union and Russia invited activists of three Russian leading LGBT organisations (LGBT Network, LGBT Film Festival Side-by-Side and Coming Out).

What Can the European Union Do in Syria?

More than two years ago the Syrian Revolution started as a popular and largely peaceful protest against the brutal dictatorship of the Assad regime and the Baath Party. Even now, although the revolution has turned into a violent struggle for power, the popular call for rights, human dignity and a free and inclusive Syria are still part and parcel of the revolutionary movement. Yet, in two years time, the Revolution has turned into a civil war.