It’s time for the EU to get serious about Poland

It was once quipped to me that you can tell a lot about the state of a country by the effusiveness of its name ─ compare the ‘Federal Republic of Germany’ with the dictatorial ‘German Democratic Republic’, or the ‘Republic of Korea’ with the autocratic, dynastical ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’.

By James Bartholomeusz

In Favour of a Solidary EU Refugee Policy

A special EU summit of heads of state and government will take place on 23 September. After years of neglect, however, a solidary EU refugee policy cannot be elaborated in summary proceedings and under pressure. A commentary by Eva van de Rakt.

By Eva van de Rakt

Budapest - Keleti


For four days now I have been in Budapest, a witness to a drama that I would have considered impossible in an EU capital not long ago.

By Eva van de Rakt

Green Response to the Ukraine Crisis

The crisis in Ukraine poses new challenges to Green peace-oriented foreign policy. The most important task right now is to persuade Russia to conform to international standards.


By Viola von Cramon, Simon Schütte, Lino Klevesath, Daniel Lüchow