energy transition


Vision: Looking to be leader

Energy Atlas

Europe is making progress towards its energy transition at a rate few imagined ten years ago. There is still a long way to go, but the continent is now in a position to become the global leader in green energy.

By Claude Turmes

Cities: Testbeds for energy innovation

Cities can be a hotbed of innovation. They are big enough to try out new ideas on a large scale, but small enough to brush them aside if they do not work out.

By Alix Bolle

The Czech Nuclear Illusion

In the first week of June, the Czech government adopted an action plan that is supposed to lead to the construction of four new reactors in the country. The government’s decision, however, is not the product of a rational political debate; it is the result of the long-term erosion of responsible governing.

By Martin Sedlák

European Perspectives on the German Energy Transition

The German energy transition - or Energiewende - cannot be regarded as a solely German phenomenon and is increasingly impacting energy systems far beyond its borders. If the Energiewende is to turn into a true success story it must become more European.

Nuclear optimism will cost CZK 32 billion

In the spring of 2014, power company ČEZ cancelled its tender for the construction of two new blocks at the Temelín Nuclear Power Station. The decision came immediately after the government adopted a resolution in which it rejected “involvement in any type of state guarantee” for new nuclear projects.

By Karel Polanecký